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ROE Mike Morgan Periodontist DDS

March 7 - March 11, 2018


4 Full Day

This intensive four day Live Surgery is limited to twelve clinicians and gives you the opportunity and confidence to practice innovative approaches to bone regeneration, tissue engineering, sinus lift techniques, implant placement, and other surgical procedures.

Patients are pre-selected with various levels of surgical complexity to match your clinical skills. All surgeries are performed at Ultra Modern Dental Group in the BAM Center which was created to serve the people of Puebla, Mexico. Participants can place between 15 to 35 implants depending on the complexity of the cases and doctors skill level. We hope you will join us in our mission to improve the quality of life to our patients and benefit from this unique opportunity. click for more

Alan Banks

Feb 21, 2018



Full arch restorations have never been so straighforward to restore

Come learn about GuidedSMILE surgical procedure which allows the restorative team to complete the final restoraiton in just 2-3 appointments. This course is presented by ROE in partnership with Dr. Roger Karp, Periodontist Parma, Ohio. click for more

Alan Banks

March 21, 2018



Our patients have become aware of technology in dentistry.

It is time to embrace it and learn how to separate your practice from others by offering a digital experience! Learn how scanning technology can increase your predictability, simplify your workflow, and improve your outcomes. Explore the unique benefits of owning a digital scanner through case examples From single tooth restorations, to implant scanning, to full mouth reconstruction, learn how to incorporate digital scanning technology into your practice. click for more

Bart Silverman

March 30th, 2018



Full mouth reconstruction can be accomplished utilizing a digitally created medical device called GuidedSMILE CHROME.

By implementing cone beam, conventional or digital records, and photographs, doctors can simulate the bone reduction, new smile and tooth positions, and implant locations base upon future surgical procedures. Patients receive teeth the same day based upon a smile simulation they approved. Attendees will learn the workflow, the records, the surgical protocol, and the conversion of the provisional appliance (without the need for a lab tech. click for more

ROE Mike Morgan Periodontist DDS

April 12th-15th



4 Full Days

Join NYU Dentistry for a truly unique, educational, hands-on, live implant placement experience.

Live Patient demonstration, Digital smile design,and Occlusion critical thinking. Maxillary and Mandibular implant designs for Occlusion, Implants and natural teeth philosophies and 10 Levels of FMR Understanding Occlusal and vertical dimension. ... click for more -

stace lind ROE

April 20, 2018

$199 (w/ 1 staff)

Stace Lind Course Clincians Choice

1 Full Day

Fee $199, includes 1 free staff member

A great course for picking up MANY Pearls and tips on Materials

Course Objective

All the Details are coming. This will be all new material not covered in the excellent lecture of 2017.

Dr. Boyse and Bilski

May 4-5 - 14 CEU

Dr $2495/Staff 495


7:30 - 5:00 Friday
8:00 - 4:30 Saturday

DentalXP Lifestyles presents GuidedSMILE CHROME - Guns 'N Arches

An Practice-Changing 1-1/2 Days of Learning & 1/2 Day of Private Club Shooting. Travel to ROE Dental Laboratory’s Modern Facility & Learn Chrome, the most exciting medical device to impact full-arch reconstruction, then grab a shotgun.

This new protocol, combined with Dr. Salama & Tawil's evidence-based, surgical techniques will elevate your surgical process for full-arch treatment to a new level of accuracy and efficiency. GuidedSMILE offer 2-3 hour surgery/conversion appointments and reduces the final conversion by 4-5 appointments!.... Click here for all the course details





Accommodations, Dining and Airports

Accomodations: (address and distance from laboratory)

#1 Crown Plaza - Ask for the "ROE Dental Laboratory Rate" 8 Miles (216) 524-0700

Complimentary Services included for ALL options:
-Shuttle to/from airport, to/from ROE and any 4 mile radius

#2 Embassy Suites 5800 Rockside Woods Blvd N. Independence - 8 Miles (216) 986-9900

#3 Courtyard 5051 W Creek Rd, Independence - 8 Miles (216) 901-9988

#4 Holiday Inn 6001 Rockside Rd, Independence - 8 Miles (216) 524-8050

#5 Sheraton Cleveland Airport Hotel 5300 Riverside Dr - 14 Miles (216) 267-1500

(#1 - 3 are near the laboratory, #4 is downtown Cleveland, #5 near is near the Cleveland Airport)

Dining is ranked from : (fine to casual)

#1 Delmonico's Steakhouse 6001 Quarry Ln (216) 573-1991

#2 Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse 6901 # (Plaza behind Wendy's), 131 Rockside Rd (216) 520-0433

#3 Bonefish Grill 6150 Rockside Pl (216) 520-2606

#4 Winking Lizard Tavern 6111 Quarry Ln (216) 524-2226


#1 Cleveland hopkins CLE - 14 Miles

#2 Akron / Canton Airport - 42 Miles