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ROE’s Unique, Time-Saving Transfer Appliance

Purpose: Fabricating a new Full Arch Restoration from an Existing Full Arch Restoration (must be on multi-unit abutments).

With ROE’s technology, doctors can simply scan an existing appliance, upload to ROE, and receive an iJIG, sectioned, relieved and ready for luting and pick up. There is no other system on the market that makes it this simple to order a new full arch restoration.


  • Step 1: Ensure the prosthetic is on MUA (multi-unit abutments)

  • Step 2: Unseat the appliance, scan all the surfaces with a digital impression scanner (All surfaces) and reseat. Scan opposing and bite, and capture appropriate photographs if needed.

  • Step 3: Upload the case via ROE’s web site, or submit via your digital impression portal. Order an iJIG-PLUS. Must provide the implant brand and size.

  • Step 4: Receive the iJIG. Add tray adhesive to the tissue side of each section. Screw down each section using the clear transfer holder. Ensure all sections are fully seated. Rotate each section until the arch form looks correct. Lute all sections with acrylic, GS Pattern Resin or Duralay. Flow medium or heavy body polyvinyl impression material between the iJIG and the tissue (reline impressions). Equilibrate, capture a bite, opposing, photos if needed, and make marks on the iJIG if changes are to be made. Print this Rx for the next step. Must use this Rx only. Print this Rx for the next step. Must use this Rx only.

  • Step 5:Complete the ROE Fixed Full Arch Work Authorization and return to ROE. Must indicate how you would like interaction of the final with the ridge: Hygienic design with ridge contact / high water design / other please explain.

  • Step 6: If esthetic or other changes are needed, ROE will create a resin Printed Try-In for final approval. This is a monochromatic chairside try-in verification for final. If there are more changes to be made, return with instructions, again using this Rx.

  • Step 7: Seat final restoration (Zirconia, NanoTi, NanoTrinia, New Crystal Ultra)