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Scan Bodies - If you have a digital impression system, don't pass up this awsome service

ROE implemented the use of scan bodies in 2012 to digitally design implant abuimplant scan bodytments and bars for approved vendors to mill. Scan bodies are used in models at the laboratory and intraorally with digital impressions. To begin, call our laboratory and inquire if scan bodies are available for your system. We offer them for many sytems. Seat them as you would an impression post, scan using any digital impression equipment, and upload your files. We import the data into our lab design software, create a digital and analog model with which to design your custom prosthetic component and restoration.

Not all scan bodies are the same. We accept iRis (ROE Line) Dentaswiss, ELOS, NT Trading, Glidewell, Zimmer
Core3D, MIST, and BioHorizon. Several other implant companies, including implant manufacturers offer scan bodies but do not allow laboratories access to their digital libraries (closed system). When you partner with ROE, you have access to many implant systems. See the chart to the right ROE Implant Options.

As far a scanning, we accept digital files from 3Shape, iTero, Lava TDS, Cerec, Pimplant scan bodieslanScan, E4D, Carestream CS3500 and any other digital impression machine. The files are either uploaded through your system's portal to ROE, or the office can upload through our portal (click UPLOAD Digital-Rx on the left). The files arrive quickly into our system.

Today we can even create our iRis SLA analog models (bottom figure on right). This allows you to order nearly any type of restoration.

Call to discuss your specific implant line and hopefully we can supply you with an amazing solution for impressions. implant scan bodies

What you receive from ROE:

0 Scan bodies for most systems

0 Analog models - which means you have options!

0 Anodizing for color cordination

0 A love of high-tech

0 Great technical support implant scan body model

scan bodie model and abutment