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AVADENT - The 2 Appt Denture & The High-Strength Overdenture Option!

It's finally here, a digital denture! ROE offers digital C&B, digital partials, digital work-ups, digital communication and NOW Digital Dentures with Avadent! If you are weary of the four or five+ appointments for each denture and want to make complete dentures a profitable product in your practice, then take a serious look at Avadent. This unique combination of traditional impression techniques, sophisticated software and CAD manufacturing makes completing a full denture possible in just 2 APPOINTMENTS!

Low Profile Design: Milled Ti bar with milled strengthening substructure. This case was beautiful. We made two identical dentures with substructures, all machined and reproducible for a patient who travels the world and cannot afford to be without his prosthesis. The interocclusal space on this case was just 10mm.

Avadent Overdenture Bar

IMMEDIATES: An easy way to get started is with an immediate denture. For this we need the usual: an upper and lower master impressions/casts and a bite. You will receive an ideal denture ready for surgery.

IMPROVE UPON AN EXISTING DENTURE OR START ANEW: If you have a patient who is looking for improvement over their current denture, or you are beginning a case without a reference denture the Avadent Kit is available through ROE. It includes a duplication kit, customizable trays, all the impression materials and bite materials needed to complete several cases, as well as step-by-step guides and marketing material. This will be essential as you move forward with Avadent.

SCIENCE: AvaDentâ„¢ Digital Dentures are computer-designed using algorithms that are based on time tested removable principles and traditional anatomical measurements and landmarks to achieve a perfect set-up in seconds. AvaDentâ„¢ Digital Dentures are precision-milled from a patented bio-hygienic puck of acrylic and manufacturers' teeth are bonded into the milled pockets.

On Avadent Occlusion (you'll find this interesting): The principle of minimum total potential energy is a fundamental concept used in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering. It asserts that a structure or body shall deform or displace to a position that minimizes the total potential energy, with the lost potential energy being dissipated as heat. For example, a marble placed in a bowl will move to the bottom and rest there, and similarly, a tree branch laden with snow will bend to a lower position. The lower position is the position for minimum potential energy: it is the stable configuration for equilibrium. The principle has many applications in structural analysis and solid mechanics.

The way we explain “minimum potential energy” in correlation to our software, is with a cusp to fossa relationship. The lingual cusp of the maxillary tooth “rests” in the fossa of the mandibular tooth at the point of “minimum potential energy”. So in our occlusal algorithms, the cusps rest in the fossa at the path of least resistance. In a sense, the cusp wiggles into the fossa to achieve the ideal centric occlusion.

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We digitally convert your information and predictably create your denture. You'll be amazed!

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avadent testimonial