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PALA Digital Denture Laboratory

Using this patented technology, dentists are able to save time by only needing to see the patient for two visits (3 w/ optional try-in). The patient’s first visit simply consists of the doctor creating an impression using the DENTCA impression trays. Five days after receiving the impression, DENTCA will have either the wax try-in ready to ship, or the final prosthesis. The second visit consists of delivering the final denture.

Step 1: Spend 45 minutes to capture a Gothic Arch type impression/tracing using DENTCA’s patented tray system. This impression is sent to ROE for digitizing.

Step 2. Approximately 5 days after we receive your impression, your final denture will be shipped out if you choose the direct-to-final option. (If you choose the optional wax-try-ing, the ship time follows just 3 lab days. Your patient will return home with a new smile following just over an hour of chair time!

To get started, call ROE and ask for a PALA Kit. We will contact the local Hereaus representative to schedule training, and/or a live case.

How To Videos:

1. Impression Instructional Video: 

2. Pala Digital Dentures Solutions Video:  

3. Vertical Dimension Centric Relation: 

4. Intraoral Tracing Process:

5. Max heavy body:

6. Maxillary Tray Adjustment: 

7. Maxillary Wash: 

8. Mandibular Heavy Body: 

9. Mandibular Tray Adjustment: 

10. Mandibular Wash: 

11. Separation:


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