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Restoring 5 implants or more In Edentulous Areas


What to send to the lab:

1) Maxillary and Mandibular master cast and a bite registration, study model if available

2) CT Order Form requesting a Scan Appliance

Doctor receives Scan Appliance and captures 2 CT scans:

Steps: Dual Scan Technique

Scan 1 - Scan the Appliance alone sitting on 2 cotton rolls *

Scan 2 - Scan the patient with Scan Appliance seated completely with no rock, biting on cotton rolls

Upload both sets of DICOM (RAW, uncompressed set of single .dcm files) (place in folder, zip and upload to through our portal


Notes about Specific 3D Scanners

* Sirona Galiloes & XG3D owners must purchase the Scan Cylinder from Sirona Part #6299759 and change KV to 70 and MA to 10 for the scan appliance scan. Place the scan appliance inside the scan cylinder on the provided piece of foam and scan.

* Planmeca owners must change the KV to 70 and MA to 10 for the scan appliance scan.

* Kodak 9000 owners must change both scan settings. Patient scan set KV to 75 and MA to 10. Scan Appliance Stitched scan KV t0 80 and MA to 2.