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Full Extraction and Placement - All-On-4, 5, 6 or more Design


Are you reducing bone? We suggest our CombiGuide for this type of surgery.

Are you fabricating an immediate prosthesis? Send models and the final bite for ROE to fabricate.

Does the patient have the labial bone to allow for a hybrid? We can discuss this from mounted casts.

Does the patient have the vertical space to support a hybrid? If not try our Pretteau Bridge (TLZ-IB)

Does the patient's smile line hide the transition from hybrid plastic to nature tissue? Send photographs with the models so we can help you determine.

We are very happy to discuss all these questions and more. Call any time.

When ready to proceed:

If requesting the surgical guide only (and bone reduction guide)

1) Send/Upload DICOM only (Multi File, RAW, uncompressed - a folder with 80 - 300 files with extension .dcm)

If requesting surgical guide and prosthesis:

1) Maxillary and Mandibular master casts and a bite registration

2) DICOM (Multi File, RAW, uncompressed - a folder with 80 - 300 files with extension .dcm)

3) Denture Esthetic Form completed

4) Photographs (upload with your DICOM)

ROE can support you with all your implant guiding and restorative needs. We've been aiding doctors since 2004 and have completed many thousands of case.