The first step of this surgery is to unload and check all of the components of CHROME GuidedSMILE.

  • Please remove all contents from package once received and follow the included instructions for inspection.
  • Details of pre‐surgical and surgical protocols will guide you through the day of surgery.
  • Ensure that implants, abutments and temp cylinders using the implant size and angle report.

There are a number of nuances between dentate and edentulous patients when using CHROME GuidedSMILE. Follow the links to the right to gain an understanding of the full surgery (pre-surgical checks and surgical instructions per step) and watch videos of these types of surgery.

Chairside Support

For first-time CHROME GuidedSMILE surgeries, ROE strongly recommends ROE chairside support (ROE Chairside Request Form) on the day of surgery. This will provide doctors new to CHROME the assurance that their case will go as smoothly as possible having an experienced professional with them. Chairside support can be provided anywhere nationally and internationally upon request.

For more information concerning this service call 800-228-6663